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Dolce Vita Heated Cargo Bed - DV40310

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Dolce Vita Heated Cargo Bed - DV40310

The Cargo Bed fits in the back of SUV type vehicles and can be plugged into a standard accessory outlet to provide low-level heating comfort.
The patent-pending Flat Screen Heater evenly heats the bed, providing low-level, therapeutic warmth. Firm, orthopedic foam padding supports and balances body weight – relieving pressure points and the stress of travel on pets’ bones and muscles. The Traveler Cargo Bed has adjustable side panels that can be folded up or down to accommodate different size vehicles. Make traveling a treat for your pet, with the Dolce Vita Heated Cargo Bed!

Will the Heated Cargo Bed continue to run after I turn my car off?
Yes and no- that actually depends on your car. If the electricity continues to flow through your accessory plug or cigarette lighter (whichever you have it plugged into) the heated cargo bed will continue to heat your pet to a comfortable temperature. In most cases, this is easy enough to tell. When you have your car phone charger plugged in, and you turn your car off, does your phone continue charging? If so, the bed will heat, if not, there is no power going to the cargo bed and it will not.

Does the Dolce Vita Heated Cargo Bed have to be heated?>/strong>
No, you can simply unplug it or turn the switch off and use it as a liner to protect your car from moisture, pet hair and dirt, as well as a comfortable pet bed.

Won’t my dog overheat? The Dolce Vita therapeutic Heated Cargo Bed is not meant for use in the summer(without air conditioning) or when you’re not in your vehicle. The bed is easily unplugged or switched off, in addition to having heated and no-heated portions of the pad so your pet can easily find the most comfortable place to settle. It’s ideal for cold winter days, long car trips and older dogs with joint and/or muscle issues.

  • Heated Cargo Bed Makes Car Rides a Treat For Your Dog
  • Heat therapy relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Comforts your dog on long car trips
  • Waterproof cover is removable, washable and stain and scratch resistant
  • Safe, low-power design
  • Plugs into cigarette lighters or accessory plug
  • Unique design fits the back of most SUVs and wagons
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Size: One size fits all (48''x36'')

    UPC Code: 810078010104

      For professional assistance, please call us at 1-800-686-5730 or email info@dynamitebuys.com


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